Our Favorite Baby Products So Far

When you’re becoming a mother for the first time, it’s easy to stress. Is the nursery finished? Do I have everything I need for baby? Is the house spotless? But if we’re being honest, you don’t NEED much when you first come home from the hospital. Really all you need is a carseat to get baby home, a place for baby to sleep, diapers/wipes and your boobs haha (or bottles if you’re not breastfeeding). But, there are so many products out there that can be very helpful and make adjusting to your new normal a little bit smoother. These have been our favorite products over the first 3-4ish months, and I wanted to share. Hopefully this helps even just one momma out! Of course, every baby is different, and you really won’t know what they prefer until they are here and you have tried it out. As always, if you have any questions or would like to chat, leave a message or shoot me an email!



DR. BROWN’S BOTTLES - I was told by basically all my friends that their babies preferred these bottles. I honestly didn’t understand how a baby would know if they liked a certain type of bottle, but I listened. We only tried these and Avent bottles, and definitely prefer the Dr. Brown’s. They are a pain in the rear to clean because of the extra parts, but they help with colic and gas so it’s worth it. Charleigh was gassy when she was brand new, and I think they helped a little. I honestly haven’t heard anyone speak poorly of them.

DR. BROWN’S BOTTLE WARMER - I don’t have anything to compare this to, but we like it. It heats the bottle by steam, so use purified water!

BURT’S BEES BURP CLOTHES - These were also recommended by a friend. If you can’t tell, I’m definitely a recommendation type gal. Carl Michael likes to read and do research, I like to ask my friends. Luckily we were one of the last to have a baby in my friend group, so I had plenty of resources. We have a ton of the Gerber diapers that we also use as burp rags, but prefer the Burt’s Bees. They are super soft and absorbent and I actually just purchased 10 more (we go through them quick).

BABY BREZZA FORMULA DISPENSER - I shared this on stories yesterday, but y’all this thing is LIFE. CHANGING!! I know it sounds dramatic, but if you are supplementing or your baby is fully on formula, trust me when I say you need this. It makes making bottles a breeze and honestly me and Carl Michael fight over who gets to make her bottle when it’s feeding time around here now.. haha. I promise that wasn’t the case before we bought this. It’s literally like Keurig that dispenses formula at the push of a button.


WIPE WARMER - not a must have, but it definitely helps! Newborns normally don’t like having their diaper changed, and I think it’s partly because they get cold quickly. This made changes a little better and I didn’t feel as bad wiping her hiney with a cold wipe.

PAMPER’S SWADDLERS - we tried a few different diapers in the beginning, and experienced a few blowouts. Pamper’s Swaddlers have worked the best for us, but I think this definitely depends on the baby. I recommend trying out a few and see what works best. FYI for the new moms - if you don’t wash clothes instantly after a blowout, they will stain!

KEEKAROO CHANGING PAD - We love this thing. It makes it so much easier to clean up messes - you just wipe it down. I will say that it does get cold, so I always make sure that I lay down a burp rag or blanket before laying Charleigh down, which is still easier to throw in the wash than a changing pad cover, in my opinion.

BUTT PASTE - again, every baby is different, but this stuff has worked amazing for us. Luckily we haven’t had an actual diaper rash that has been bad yet, but any time she looks a little irritated I put a little of this on and it’s basically completely gone by the next time I change her.

AQUAPHOR - I have used this stuff for years for myself (for lips, skin, etc.), and it works great for babies too. They actually have an entire line of lotion, ointment and diaper creams that I recently found. This stuff is great and definitely worth a try - I haven’t heard anything but good things about the diaper cream, but haven’t personally tried it. I did use the Aquaphor Baby Ointment on Charleigh’s cradle cap the other day and it seemed to help quite a bit!


SOUND MACHINE - omg how did we ever live without this thing?! I honestly think I’m going to order another one to keep in our room when Charleigh transitions into her crib. I’ve noticed we sleep so much better with this.

HALO BASSINEST - This bassinet seems to have mixed reviews, but we have loved it. She still sleeps in it at 4 months, but will probably outgrow it soon (she’s long!). I love that it swivels so you can hover it over your bed but also move it out of the way when you’re sleeping. And the side bends down which makes it so much

SNUGGLEME ORGANIC - We adore this thing. Charleigh has always loved being held and cuddled, and there was a point in time where she wouldn’t sleep well anywhere but in our arms. The SnuggleMe saved us, and our backs..haha! This helped us transition her into her bassinet, and she also sleeps in it still to this day. I’m honestly thinking about ordering the larger size for when she outgrows this one!

ZIPPER SLEEPERS - Despite what everyone told me, I didn’t think I would mind buttons before Charleigh was here. Especially considering the cuties little clothes normally have buttons. But let me tell you, you’ll want zippers or stretchy nightgowns for overnight. Trying to line up buttons in the dark is beyond frustrating, especially when you’re sleep deprived and baby is hungry. These were our favorite because they zip from the foot up, so you don’t have to completely undress baby to change their diaper. They also come in a pack of 3 for $12.99 and in tons of colors/prints.

SOOTHIE/PAT PAT PACIFIERS - From the second Charleigh was born, she had to be sucking on something. It was an ongoing

SWADDLES - Charleigh hated being swaddled with her arms in, and honestly just hated being swaddled. We did use these for the first few weeks and they were our favorite out of the few that we tried. I actually didn’t have these on my registry and was given them by a friend. Thanks Chelsy :)

MONITOR - We have the Infant Optics Monitor. I don’t have anything to compare this to, but it works well for us. I love that it tells the temperature of the room, and also has a daytime and nighttime mode. You can also move it to the sides and up and down. Most monitors probably do all of these things, though, so I’m not sure it’s anything super fancy.

on the go

UPPABABY TRAVEL SYSTEM - I would definitely get this infant insert for the stroller. Charleigh doesn’t like to ride around in her carseat and prefers to look around more, so she prefers this attachment. The infant insert was super helpful when she was smaller, and I wish I would have had it from the get go. We also love the carseat and just bought a second base for Carl Michael’s car. I love that this system can grow with your family.

CARSEAT COVERS - I almost forgot to order these before she was born, and I was so thankful my mom reminded me the week before. They are much needed for outings such as the pediatricians (and in our case the hospital for jaundice testing) which all start less than a week after baby is born. You don’t realize how paranoid you’ll be of other people and their germs until you have a fresh little baby to protect. I’ve also learned that people won’t try to look at/touch your baby as much if they are covered in the carseat. Definitely a must have and we still use them! My favorites are from Copper Pearl - so soft, tons of prints/colors & great quality.

INFANT INSERTS - these are so helpful and definitely a must. Most strollers, swings, carseats, etc. will have a newborn insert that you can add on for the newborn days. There were a few baby items we had, especially the Mamaroo swing, that Charleigh was too small for in the beginning and adding these made them usable from day one.

PLASTIC BAG DISPENSER - I didn’t really think we would use this, but I’ve already refilled it more than once. Throw it in your diaper bag and you’ll be thankful when baby has a blow out or stinky diaper on the go.

WRAP/CARRIER - Not all moms are “wrap moms”, but I’ve tried out quite a few. We have the WildBird, Boppy, Ergobaby and the Moby. You obviously don’t need this many, but I wanted to try them all out apparently.. haha. I actually love the WildBird and the Boppy for around the house. I’m able to carry Charleigh around and get things done on days when she wants to be held more. Carl prefers the Ergobaby, but this one is for when baby is a little bigger.

BACKPACK DIAPER BAG - I love this bag. Not only is it beautifully made, it looks great and not like a big, bulky diaper bag. In my opinion, a backpack version is a must when you’re on the go and trying to carry baby in the carseat, groceries or anything else. Speaking of carrying the carseat, I had no idea how awkward that was going to be.. and it gets heavy quick. Good way to get an arm workout in! I do also have and love this one for when I don’t want to wear a backpack.

around the house

ROCK ‘N PLAY - Carl Michael bought this off of Amazon a week or two after Charleigh was born. She went through a phase where she didn’t like to sleep in her bassinet, and he read that this was a great sleep solution for many parents during the newborn days. Under $100, so definitely worth a try if you’re having trouble sleeping! Also, we still love this now and it’s super light, so we can easily move it around the house. I threw a fuzzy blanket over and it and Charleigh loves to sit in it at dinner time and watch us eat, hang out while we’re watching tv, or if I have to run to pee real quick (tmi, but needed). Definitely recommend this for new parents! Also, we don’t use it much now, but it can plug in and rock your baby to sleep which was amazing when she wanted to be held 24/7 those first few weeks.

CLOTH STORAGE BINS - I have these all over the house. I use them for storing little toys, diapers & wipes, her hair bows, pacifiers, etc. This is just how I try to keep her things together and keep our house not looking like a total disaster all the time.

BOPPY LOUNGER - we have used this from day one and it is for sure one of our most used baby products. There was a point in time when Charleigh was a couple weeks old when she wouldn’t sleep anywhere else but on this. I probably would have picked a different print/cover, but I grabbed this last minute when I was like 38 or 39 weeks pregnant and totally didn’t care at that point. I always throw a soft blanket over it anyway when she’s laying in it. A blanket is softer, plus it’s way easier to wash when baby spits up or has a blow out, which have both happened to us when Charleigh was sitting in her lounger.

DOCK-A-TOT - I wouldn’t say this is one of our “must-haves”. We’ve used it some, and I bring it when we go to my parents house for her to nap in. I think we may use it when we transition her into her crib. I’ve also used it some around the house, but she prefers to be sitting up now. It’s nice, but I still don’t understand why everyone is so obsessed. Maybe if we had it in the newborn days, we would have used it more.

4MOMS MAMAROO - I’ve learned recently that some moms/babies love this swing, and some hate it. It was one of my must haves on my registry and I will say that Charleigh loves it. She does go through “phases”, just like with every other product that we have for her, but overall has loved this one. When she was a newborn, she would only nap in this swing or her Boppy Lounger. When she started interacting more, she would get bored pretty quick, but I learned that if I hung a toy from the mobile she was content longer.

BABY BJORN BOUNCER - This is something that I didn’t register for, but definitely wish I had or would have at least had from the beginning. We ended up purchasing this a couple of weeks ago. I was worried Charleigh wouldn’t like it because she’s always wanting to sit upright these days, but she actually loves it! We tested out a few at Buy Buy Baby one day, and this was definitely her favorite. It’s on the pricier side, but worth it in my opinion, especially if you have it from the get go. I can’t tell you how much easier doing things around the house are - loading laundry, putting on makeup, brushing my teeth. I do suggest purchasing this toy bar for it!

Play time

O’BALLS - This was one of the first toys Charleigh loved. They’re light and easy for a baby to hold onto, and they rattle. She was so proud of herself when she realized she was able to grasp something and it kept her entertained for a while each time. She still plays with these now, and her new game is throwing things on the floor and watching our puppy react.

KICK & PLAY PIANO - This thing. It’s not cute. Despite basically everyone who had a baby telling me that I needed it, I wasn’t sure I wanted to put it on my registry because it just looks obnoxious. But everyone was right. All babies do love this thing. We started laying Charleigh on it when she was just a few weeks old and she loved staring at all the colors and listening to the music it plays. Now, she loves laying there and kicking the piano keys. We did add a few extra hanging toys so that she is able to reach them, and she will lay there even longer now. You can also remove the piano part for when they are sitting up and playing. These songs will forever be stuck in your head, but if you want a little hands free time or need a few minutes to put on your makeup, buy this.

BABY EINSTEIN JUMPER - We have two jumpers/saucers, and Charleigh definitely prefers the Baby Einstein one. I haven’t found anything Baby Einstein that we aren’t impressed with.

BOPPY TUMMY TIME PILLOW - this little pillow helped Charleigh when she was first learning to hold her head up when we were doing tummy time. Before, she would get frustrated and didn’t like to stay on her tummy long, but with this pillow she was able to see and play with her toys better which helped her stay content on her tummy longer.


BATH TUB - I took forever to choose a bathtub and finally decided on this one. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s worked well for us. Our kitchen sink is too small to bathe her in, so I didn’t want one for the sink. I do like that this tells the water temperature and your baby’s weight.

BABY WASH/LOTION - I didn’t have this on my registry, but was gifted it at my baby shower. It is by far our favorite - smells amazing and makes her skin so soft! We don’t use anything else as far as bath time goes.

BURT’S BEES TOWELS/RAGS - You get what you pay for, and these towels/rags are worth it. We have a few others that are so thin they don’t do much! Burt’s Bees products are a little more expensive, but totally worth it in my opinion.

SCRUBBIES - I grabbed these at the checkout line at Buy Buy Baby one day when I ran in to pick something up. They work so well for bath time, and have helped with cradle cap. I use them to soap her up and prefer these over a wash cloth. Charleigh loves them!