5 Tips to Healthier Hair with T3 Micro

Hello Loves & Happy Thursday! We are oh so close to the weekend :) I've been getting so many questions about my hair lately - what products I use, what tools I use, etc. - so I thought I'd give a quick overview of my day to day tips for healthier hair. I've been growing my hair out forever, and I think it's so important to take good care of it so that it's healthy, shiny and protected. So let's get to it!


1. Wash sparingly - I know, sounds gross, right?! But you'd be surprised how many girls out there only wash their hair 2-3 times a week. I honestly receive the most compliments on my hair a couple days after I've washed it. Obviously, you don't want to skip showering all together (don't be that girl), but a couple nights a week throw on that shower cap and skip the shampoo - you won't regret it! I like to use Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo so that my hair stays looking and smelling fresh in between washes. When you do wash your hair, make sure you have a good shampoo/conditioner combo. I like to alternate shampoos to keep my hair guessing. (I've heard some shampoos can build up on your hair, so I like to trade off to avoid that.) I am currently using Pureology shampoo and conditioner. I also really love Biolage (smells so good!) and DP Hue (for toning my blonde).

2. T3 Showerhead - I received the T3 Source Showerhead to test out and I can honestly say I have seen a difference in my hair. This showerhead filters the water to remove impurities such as chlorine, odors, iron oxide, etc. You all know that I have trouble with my hair getting frizzy, and I think this showerhead has really helped. My hair feels softer and stronger, and it finally seems to be growing again. 


3. Skip the Heat - If I don't have plans for the day, I try to let my hair air dry and I won't straighten or curl my hair that day. This may be a rare occasion, but I think it's important to give your hair a break every now and then. When I do blow dry my hair (most days), I use the T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i Dryer. I usually just blow dry my roots and let the rest of my hair air dry so that I'm not applying so much heat to it. This dryer is amazing and currently on sale for $199 (normally $250)! This would also make a great Christmas gift for mom or sister ;)

4. Leave-in Conditioner - If you know me, you know my hair is darn close to impossible to brush out once I get out of the shower. I brush it before I get in the shower, I'm careful not to shampoo too harshly so that it doesn't get tangled, and I let my conditioner set for about 2 minutes before rinsing. And it never fails - my hair is a rat's nest every time I step out of the shower. I had a hair dresser tell me it's because I have so much hair, but each strand is super fine, so it tangles easily. Anyway, I can't live without a leave-in conditioner post shower. I wish I was being dramatic, but I'm not. I've been using the John Frieda Frizz Ease Nourishing Elixir Oil for a few years, and I love it! I apply it to the ends of my hair (never the roots!), and it makes brushing my hair a little less of a chore. It also makes my hair shiny and soft once it dries. I never go without this elixir oil, and I love that it's so affordable ($10)!


5. Collagen Peptides - I know you've probably heard bloggers raving about this stuff, but let me tell you first hand - I truly think it makes a difference. I've been taking collagen peptides for about 4 months now and I can see a difference in my skin, but I have seen a huge difference in my hair. I was stuck in a no-growth period for a while, and after I started taking collagen peptides it has finally started growing again. I take Vital Proteins Pasture-Raised, Grass-Fed Collagen Peptides, which you can order from Amazon.