Blush Sweater + Espadrille Dupes

Happy Monday guys! Can y'all believe it's already March?! Crazy.

How was everyone's weekend? We celebrated my sweet Daddio's birthday this weekend, and it was so great to spend time relaxing with family. The whole weekend was actually really low key, and I finally had time to completely recharge and catch up on some sleep. I feel better today than I have in weeks!

Who else is watching 'Big Little Lies'?! When I heard HBO was coming out with the series, I decided I wanted to read the book before it came out. I knew one of my girlfriends probably already had it, so she let me borrow it and I planned to read it in a weekend before the show premiered. But then life got in the way (what's new?!) and I'm currently only halfway through the book. Each week, I swear I read just enough to cover the upcoming episode, but it's starting to confuse me a little because something will happen in the show and I'm like "wait, didn't that happen in the last episode?" when really I just read it in the book a few days before haha. So basically, I just need to sit down and finish the book so I don't get all mixed up. So far the show is really good. This is another one that Carl Michael is actually watching with me, which I love! He's obsessed with HBO, so the second he heard that's who was airing it, he didn't think twice. I feel like HBO always does an amazing job when it comes to making a book into a show, which can easily end up in a disaster if it's not done correctly. What are your thoughts on the show? I'd love to hear what everyone thinks :)

So I'm sure you've heard, but these espadrille dupes are only $60 and almost identical to the Marc Fisher version (which are $160). If that's not an amazing steal, I don't know what is! Espadrilles are a must-have for spring/summer, and I currently have my eye on this pair of flats (also obsessing over these).

I have received so many questions lately like "Is it okay to wear white jeans yet?" and "What colors are appropriate for this time of year?" and honestly, I don't really follow any of those rules. I wear white pants year round, whenever I feel like it. I think that if you pair them with the right shoes and other pieces, you can make them look good for almost any season. And color wise, let's be honest. I don't ever wear too much color, and if I'm wearing a bold color, it's normally a solid. I would just steer away from florals and super 'summery' prints during the winter.

Funny story: The only rule I follow is *no yellow*... EVER. You will not find a single thing in my closet or dresser (or even my undergarments drawer) that is yellow and that is for one simple reason. My grandmother once told me "it just wasn't [my] color" and I never touched it again. We all joke about it now, because I swear she was seriously the sweetest, most positive lady to ever walk this planet. She rarely said anything negative, and when she did, she always followed it with a positive. I miss her dearly, and I can't help but think about all the times she made me smile. Every summer, my mother and grandmother would take us shopping for new clothes before the school year started, and it is still one of my favorite memories. Getting to spend time with everyone and also getting a new wardrobe... so fun! We always stopped at the cookie shop in the mall and they had the best chocolate chip cookies ever. I always had the hardest time finding jeans that fit because I was so tall & lanky, and we finally figured out that "Mudd Jeans" were made for me. I was so excited, and I paired them with a yellow top before stepping out of the dressing room to show my mom and grandmother. I remember them being so surprised that my jeans actually fit around my waist perfectly, but then as I turned to go back into the dressing room, I heard my grandmother say "Well, yellow just isn't your color is it?" It makes me laugh every time I remember it now.. and my whole family jokes because it was so unlike her to say something like that. So yeah... Long story short, I never touched that color again haha.

On another note, blush has become quite a favorite of mine these days. It pairs so nicely with neutrals, it's blended right in with my closet pretty seamlessly. I paired it here with white jeans and these espadrilles for a lighter look, but really it goes so well with almost anything. This lightweight sweater has been on repeat lately with this up and down weather we've been having in DFW. It's light enough to wear when it gets a little warmer out, but I can also pair it with a light jacket when it gets chilly ((and it's only $25!)). It comes in 4 colors, and I'm really tempted to buy the other 3 colors...

Alright well I'll stop rambling! If you made it this far, thank you for reading! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and start the week out strong with lots of coffee! :)


Photos by Angie Garcia


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