Gift Guide: for Him


I swear, guys are the hardest to shop for. They either have everything, “don’t want anything”, or buy it for themselves. I always find that Carl Michael and my dad are the last ones that I get checked off my Christmas shopping lists because I can’t ever figure out what to get them. BUT, I’ve rounded up a few of their favorite things, as well as a few I think would be great picks for those guys in your life that are difficult to shop for. I hope this helps! Below, I’ve made categories that will hopefully make it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for, or at least get a good idea!









Gift Guide: for the Hostess

Happy December! It’s that time again - time to get your holiday shopping checked off the list. If you’re like me, you may be a last minute shopper, and it can be a bit stressful the more we near the holidays. I’ll be posting a few gift guides over the next few weeks to hopefully help you out if you’re in need of a few ideas for your loved ones. I’m starting the gift guide series out with ideas for a hostess. These would make great gifts for your mom, sister or friend who loves to entertain! I hope this helps you brainstorm the perfect gift! As always, if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below :)


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September Top Sellers

Happy Wednesday!

So, my due date came and went, and Baby C is still nice and comfy in there. I’ve been trying to take these past few days to relax as much as I can, but the days have consisted more of me wondering around the house aimlessly and not knowing what to do with myself.. hah! I was, however, able to concentrate long enough to get this post up for you girls. I want to start a new monthly post on the blog where I share each month’s top selling pieces. I thought it would be a neat way to see what y’all are loving, as well as give y’all a last look in case anything is on sale!

I’ve shared below how I styled each of the items, some more than once! These are some of my favorite pieces as well, and great staples to have as we transition into fall.

I hope you’re all having a great week. This may be my last post on the blog for a little while, because I’m hoping Baby C finally decides to join us :) Until then… we’re on #BABYWATCH! As always, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.


Over the Knee Suede Boots

My Favorite OTK Boots

These run a little small - size up one! Also available in taupe & black.

Black Dress - Bump Style

Loose-Knit Cardigan

Loved this in the summer because it was breathable but provided an extra layer over dresses/tanks! Also available in black & pink.

Black Tank Dress - Bump Style

I wear this like 3 times a week (oops). SO versatile - throw it on with a jacket, tie something around your waist, wear a kimono/scarf over it, etc. It’s stretchy, so it’s worked all 9 months.

Black Tank Dress - Bump Style

Styled again with a denim jacket!

Maternity Jeans - Bump Style

This pair of jeans got me through my entire pregnancy. Wearing an xs & they’re currently on sale for $24!!!

Maternity Style - Style the Bump

Styled again here. Wearing an xs.

Bump Style - Maternity Style - Jumpsuit

This jumpsuit is so comfy - wearing a small! Also available in green.

Striped Tee & Flared Jeans - Bump Style

Love these colors together for fall! Currently on sale for $17. Wearing a small!

Flared Maternity Jeans - Bump Style

The maternity jeans of my dreams! How fun is that flare?! Run tts - they have a raw hem, so I just cut them to adjust the length.

80's Inspired Look

I love these sunnies & get so many compliments when I wear them. PS this is that black tank dress, again! Styled here with a distressed tee. Told you it was versatile ;)

Maternity Shoot Dress

The perfect dress for a maternity shoot, baby shower, or to wear as a wedding guest. Available in 4 colors. Wearing a small.

Tank Dress - Maternity Style - Bump Style

This is another tank dress that has saved me throughout the past 9 months. It’s so easy to throw on and add a piece over it to change it up, like I did here. Non-maternity, wearing a small - $20!

Tank Dress - Style the Bump

The same dress as above, style with sneakers and a denim jacket. Perfect for a day full of errands. Non-maternity, wearing a small - $20!

Style the Bump - Tank Dress

Just wanted to show y’all what the dress looks like alone. Definitely could wear it as seen here, I just normally feel more comfortable with something over it or tied around my waist. Non-maternity, wearing a small - $20!

What's REALLY in my Hospital Bag

Happy Monday, y’all.

I’m still here.. and still very pregnant. We hit 39 weeks yesterday, and I was just so sure Baby C was going to make his/her big debut before this morning. But nope! I have my weekly doctors appointment tomorrow, so we’ll see what she says!

I wanted to go ahead and share this post with you all just in case we do end up heading to the hospital in the next few days. I’m not sure when I’ll be posting on the blog again, and I’ve promised to share what I’m bringing along to the hospital with me. It’s not all pretty or glamorous, but I’ve heard you’ll need most of these things during labor and for recovery. I hope this helps, even if it is just to compare to your checklist if you’re an expecting mama.

So, I’m going to go ahead and preface this post by saying that I’m an over-packer. Always have been, always will be. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have anxiety about this whole labor & delivery process. I think this is the first time in my life that I have absolutely zero control over the entire situation - when it happens, how it happens, etc. Although I know I just have to let go and leave it up to God, packing a few extra things makes me feel a little more prepared and at ease, so that’s what I did. With that being said, I know I probably won’t use the majority of the extra things I packed.

Also, I want to thank all of you who sent me recommendations for my hospital bag packing checklist! That was so helpful, and in case you missed the list on Instagram (saved to my highlights), I’ll go ahead and share those responses again at the end of this post. So.. let’s get to it!

Hospital Bag Must Haves



  • Robe - I’ve heard you want dark (black), but I also packed a pretty one for pictures

  • Sweatpants & Tee

  • Socks & Underwear

  • PJ’s - I’m bringing a pajama set (top & pants) and a soft button down nightgown (nursing friendly)

  • Going home outfit - comfy - I’m not sure what I’ll feel like wearing, so I brought leggings & an oversized top and a t-shirt dress in case I don’t want anything touching me.

  • 2 Nursing Bras - unpadded and padded

  • Cozy Cardigan - I love wearing my cardigans around the house, and I thought I would bring one along that I can throw over whatever I’m wearing. Cardigans are also a good choice because they’re nursing friendly! I’m bringing this one and this one.

  • House Shoes - I brought some I can just throw away after.

  • Shower Flip Flops - super cheap ones so I can toss after.

  • Belly Band - I’m not sure I’ll want to wear this immediately, but brought it along just in case.


  • Face Wash & Lotion

  • Body Lotion

  • Chapstick - my favorites are Aquaphor & BabyLips

  • Prenatal Vitamins - you’ll want to continue taking these even after you’ve had the baby!

  • Stool Softener - my doctor (and many of my girlfriends) told me to start taking these before you go into labor or you’ll regret it later on.

  • Minimal Makeup - I’ll probably just bring concealer, cc cream, bronzer and highlighter to make me feel a little better when people come to visit.

  • Hair Brush

  • Blow Dryer - I asked my mom if she thought the hospital would have one and she replied, “It’s not a fancy hotel, Megan!” haha.

  • Shampoo/Conditioner - travel size - anything is better than what they have at the hospital, I’m sure.

  • Body Wash - also travel size

  • Nipple Cream - I obviously haven’t used this yet, but will let y’all know how I like it.

  • Diapers/Pads - I’ve been told by many that these are the best diapers and much better than the mesh undies they provide at the hospital.

  • Toothbrush & Toothpaste

  • Belly Oil - not sure if I’ll use this but I’m addicted now and thought I would bring along (just in case).

  • Deodorant - travel size

  • Hair bands and a hair clip - I love these hair bands and Teleties!

  • Earth Mama Spray


  • Camera

  • Pillows & Blanket - I am such a germophobe that we will probably leave these at the hospital. So I just bought cheap pillows/blankets to bring.

  • Extra Long Phone Charger

  • Nurse Gifts/Goody Basket - full of snacks, hand sanitizers from Bath & Body Works, mints, etc. just to say thank you!

  • Anything I want for photos of baby - ex: letter board, name sticker, swaddle blankets, etc.

Hospital Bag Must Haves - Baby



Packing List Recommendations (from Instagram Stories):